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Astranti Affiliates Scheme - A great way to earn money and help future students

The Astranti Affiliates Scheme pays thousands of pounds every year to hardworking people who help to promote Astranti Financial Training.

How it works

Many of our affiliates run websites or social network pages which aim to help CIMA students through the provision of advice and useful links. As an Astranti affiliate they also share special links with their database of contacts which can earn them money.

1. Create a website or social network page (Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin)

2. Attract contacts to your page by providing high quality information and advice

3. Apply to become an Astranti Affiliate

4. If you are approved, you will be given an Affiliate account where you can access special links (URLs) to the astranti.com website which will record “clicks” from new people

5. Any person that joins Astranti as a free member after finding us with your special link will be recorded

6. Any purchase that is made by a member that you sent to us will earn you a commission

7. Get paid every 3 months for the commissions you have earned

Some of our affiliates earn upwards of £1000 each exam sitting.

Please contact us at enquiries@astranti.com if you would like to find out more about the affiliates scheme.

Interested in becoming an Astranti affiliate? You can sign up here: Astranti Affiliate Application Form.