Why no printing?

A note from Nick Best

We often get asked why it is that some of material is not printable. While we would love to make all our material printable and downloadable, unfortunately when we did this in the past it made our material far too easy to copy and we had a number of cases of serious copyright theft.

On one occasion I was teaching a class at another organisation when, to my surprise I found out that the whole class had the Astranti industry pack, which was not included on the course they were on. One person had purchased it and simply emailed it to everyone else!

On another occasion copies of our material appeared online. It took 2 days of my time working with CIMA’s support and the web provider to have this illegally copied material removed. Fortunately, CIMA are very supportive and have allowed us to make it clear that any copying is against the CIMA ethical guidelines and subject to disciplinary measures. Despite this, some people do continue to attempt to copy or share material.

We do ensure material such as course exam questions and course notes are printable – as we know this is vital for people’s studies, but where an online solution is sufficient, such as with exam solutions, we prevent printing to help prevent copying.

It is impossible to completely protect our work, but the unfortunate actions of a few, mean that we have to do the best we can and that means inconvenience for many students and much time and effort spent on our part protecting our copyright. If you find this inconvenient I do apologise, but I hope you will understand the reasoning.

I’m sure that the packages we have on offer really do offer you an excellent way to prepare for your exams, and our ongoing aim is to support students in the best way possible. I do wish you the best of luck with your current studies and hope the courses, notes, videos, mocks and exam guides we offer will be a help to get you through the next stage in your exams.

Nick Best

Managing Director