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Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Astranti online learning

Astranti has provided students with a wide range of distance learning materials for more than 10 years.

Distance learning is a method of learning that has evolved rapidly over the last decade, meaning that more and more
students have been able to benefit from the advantages that it has to offer. The main advantage comes with the flexibility
that it offers students:

  • Plan your learning around your life, as there are no physical classes or  lectures, just online videos and webinars
    that you can watch and re-watch whenever suits you best.
  • Learn wherever and whenever  you like, whether that's at home with your laptop on the sofa, on your mobile
    device on the train during your commute, or perhaps in your lunch break at your desk.
  • De-clutter your learning, with no more need for countless text books weighing you down (it's all online!).
  • Get regular support and advice when you need it, from our experts, tutors and vast network of existing students.
  • Have instant access to your purchased materials, as there is no waiting time for delivery.

With our free sign up and instant access to our free materials, you have a great opportunity to get to know Astranti and
what we have to offer our CIMA and ACCA students, and whether you choose to continue with us or not, you can
be sure that you have only benefited from the experience.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Printing your documents

1. Open the link to the full study text.

2. Wait for all pages to load, this might take 1-2 minutes (scroll to the last page to ensure that every page loads).

3. Click on the print icon within the viewer - see screenshot here.

4. Follow the steps to print through your printer.

Please try an alternative browser if steps 1-4 do not work for you. Google chrome and Firefox are recommended, but other

browsers may also work. If you are using Windows XP and a version of Internet Explorer older than 9, we cannot guarantee

that printing will be possible. We recommend getting access to a computer with at least windows 7. Updating to the latest

version of flash can help to resolve some people's printing issues. Download the latest version of flash.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Making a payment

We have 4 main payment systems available:

1. PayPal - available for all credit/debit card payments for customers with or without a PayPal account, in most territories.

2. Sage Pay - available for all credit/debit card payments.

3. Skrill - available for all credit/debit card payments.

4. Skrill Alternative - manual payment method for those having issues with systems 1-3. Alternative Skrill Payment Method

If a bank transfer payment is required, please contact us at enquiries@astranti.com Note: with all payment systems, access

will not be granted until full payment is received, if further payment problems arise, you may need to contact your bank.

For anything else, contact us at enquiries@astranti.com.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Accessing your materials

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

1. Log in to your account via the “key” icon in the top right corner of the website.

2. Once logged on you will find the links under the “My Products” tab in the blue bar,

(see image right).

All materials are available to view online only. Offline use is available for some

documents with the print icon within the online document viewer, highlighting it's

ability to be printed.

Note: materials cannot be downloaded or transferred via email or portable storage devices.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Viewing your materials

If you are experiencing issues when trying to view your materials, see the list of the most common solutionsHelping you to pass your ACCA exams below:

1. Try the Alternative Viewer(s) - positioned close to the main viewer button,
the alternative viewers are designed for users with all types of devices and
browsers (see image right).

2. Try another Browser - We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet
Explorer for the majority of our materials.

3. If possible, you may need to try another Device.

4. Sometimes Internet Speeds can affect access to materials, if you think you are on a slow network, accessing your account
on another network might help to speed things up.

All materials are available to view online only. Offline use is only available for documents with the print icon within the

online document viewer, highlighting it's ability to be printed.

Note: materials cannot be downloaded or transferred via email or portable storage devices.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Mock exam help

CIMA Objective Test Mock Exams:

  • Online objective test mock exams are best viewed on a laptop/computer.
  • Please try using a different browser if the product does not appear correctly or there are any issues during the mock

CIMA Case Study Mock Exams:

  • Do not close your browser or shut down any pages during the test - if you do this your work will be lost.
  • At the end of the test, you will be able to copy and paste all of your report to a Word file offline. Please ensure you
    save this Word file on to your computer.
  • After you complete the exam, please check your answer (which should be copied to an offline document) against our
    own example solution.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams

Masterclass help

To test your system is compatible with the masterclass softwareHelping you to pass your ACCA exams please go to Anymeeting System Test.

Helping you to pass your ACCA exams


Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions, if you have any questions of your own, contact us at

1. Why can't I print or download my documents and videos?

While we would love to make all our material printable and downloadable, unfortunately when we did this in the past
 it made our material far too easy to copy and we had a number of cases of serious copyright theft... read more

2. Does the pass guarantee apply to my product?

Pass guarantee offers a really useful buffer for a lot of case study students, however, the pass guarantee applies to
full case study courses only.

3. Can I have my mini mock marked?

No. Marking and feedback is available for full case study mock exams only.

4. When is my next exam?

All important dates can be found via the links here: CIMA Important Dates - ACCA Important Dates

5. How can I book my exam?

To book your exam, follow the links here: CIMA Exam Booking - ACCA Exam Booking

6. I think I can get an exemption, how can I check?

Find out about all exemptions for your qualification here: CIMA Exemptions - ACCA Exemptions

7. Can I get the study texts on my Kindle or tablet device?

The Astranti Study Texts are also available on Amazon.co.uk. It is possible to download these study texts to your device via the Amazon application.

Help Page and Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the help and FAQ page. Please contact us at enquiries@astranti.com if you have a question that is not answered by this page.

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