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Astranti Strategic Case Study Mock Exams

Realistic mock exam practice is vital for success in the CIMA Case Study Exams. Our online system for the Case Study Exam has been endorsed and praised by CIMA. Our mock exams are online simulations of the real computerised exams. You will be given a set time limit to stick to (as you will be in the real exam) and will have to type your answer into a text box in response to the requirements that appear on screen during the exam.

Key elements of our mocks exams:

  • Based on the latest CIMA preseen and contain realistic scenarios which could occur in the real exam.
  • Prepared by CIMA Expert Nick Best in conjunction with our writing team
  • Realistic format based on the Pearson Vue style exams to give you the best practise possible
  • Full and comprehensive solutions are provided, so you can see a high quality answer as well as use this to see what an ideal exam structure looks like
  • Mock questions available in online, interactive format or as a printable question document
  • Mock solutions are available as a non-printable online document

Free CIMA Strategic Membership

Sign up for free to get instant access to a Strategic Case Study Mini Mock exam

Available with Personalised Marking and feedback

We pride ourselves in providing industry leading levels of feedback on your mock exams. By purchasing a Strategic Case Study Mock Exam, you will be assigned your own SCS Exam Marker who will mark your mock exams and give you detailed guidance and advice.


  • Must be purchased in addition to mock exams
  • Marking and Feedback usually returned to customer in 3-5 days after submission
  • Your final mock exam script must be submitted at least 5 days before the start of the CIMA Case Study Exam period
  • Find out what our markers will look for in your script here

Additional benefits include:

Get instant access to the mock exams when you buy below:

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Mock Exam Multipacks

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Mock Exam 1, 2 + 3

Mock Exam 4 + 5




Marking and Feedback - Get your answer scripts marked

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Mock exam products are delivered through your Astranti membership account. Please log in to access them after payment.

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