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CIMA Strategic Revision Notes

Busy life? Sometimes it can be hard to fit your revision into your hectic schedule! Re-reading the CIMA study texts over and over again can sometimes seem impractical and unproductive when time is so limited.  

Whilst learning the syllabus using the full syllabus study text is vital, revision notes are excellent for revisiting topics and ensuring that the theory is engrained in your memory.

The Astranti experts have summarised the essential content from the study texts which makes the notes a perfect revision tool for students to use during the last couple weeks before the exam. They have been designed to include definitions, key points and examples to really embed your learning.

Why are the revision notes so great?

  • Covers the entire CIMA 2015 syllabus in a condensed format
  • Contains simplified explanations of complex theory for ease of understanding
  • Includes diagrams and images throughout – excellent for visual learning

Also, we ask you a series of questions at the end of each chapter of the notes to test your knowledge. If you can answer these questions comfortably, you should feel confident going into your CIMA exam.

Free CIMA Strategic Revision Notes

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*P3 and F3 revision notes will be available in the coming months.

CIMA E3 Revision Notes*

CIMA E2 Exam Practice Kit


Revision Notes