Video 1 - The examiner’s analysis of a real student script  

There’s nothing better than hearing what the examiner wants from your exam. Luckily the examiner has provided us with an analysis of a real exam script with her commentary on what’s good and how it can be improved. We analyse this script and her comments and pick out the key learning points so you can produce a script which meets her needs.

Video 2 - How is the SCS marked?

By understanding how the exam is marked, you can tailor your answer to ensure you pick up all the key marks and miss out things that aren’t scoring well.

Video 3 - The marking grid

Our marking grid is tailored to give you feedback on the key areas of exam technique required to pass the exam. In this video we review each of these key areas and show you how to use the feedback given from your marked mocks to improve.

Video 4 - Review of examiner post exam reports

At the end of each exam the examiner provides guidance on the key strengths and weaknesses in that set of exams. By examining a range of reports over a number of years we learn what she is looking for from your script, what you need to do to score well and what traps you need to avoid. We also examine how her feedback has changed over the years so you understand her current thinking.

Video 5 - Time management

The most important skill to master to pass this exam is time management. That’s not just us that say that, its the top answer to the regular post exam poll we conduct of our students. Why is this so important and how do you master your own time management in the exam? This video will show you.

Video 6 - Preparing for the exam

As you approach the exam what do you need to do to prepare in the best way? We will guide you through the steps you need to take to ensure you pass.