Video 1 - Why you must plan your answers

Planning is one of they keys to passing the Strategic Case Study, yet most people don’t plan. In this video we outline why planning is so important and why it is key to passing.

Video 2 - The 9 stages of exam planning

Our 9 step planning approach ensures you create answers that meet all the key requirements the examiner requires from a script. Follow these steps as the first stage in producing an excellent answer.

Video 3 - Planning practise

You will only excel at planning through practise. Having been shown how to plan, it’s now your turn!  We provide a question for you to plan, run through the solution and show you what an excellent plan for that question would look like.

Video 4 - Writing approach

Using the right writing style makes a significant difference to the mark you score. So what is the style you should use that will enable you to score the most marks from the ideas you generate? This video demonstrates the style that markers say helps them give you the most marks.

Video 5 - Lessons from student scripts

We examine a range of student scripts so you can see the good scripts, so you’ve got a clear idea what to produce in the exam, and the bad scripts, so you can learn what not to do!

Video 6 - Writing practice

Can you produce a script like the good scripts you’ve just been shown? You will be given a question to write and be shown how to evaluate that script to ensure you are writing your answer in a way that is scoring the most marks from the points made.