Video 1 - The keys to passing the SCS

What are the most important factors in passing the Strategic Case Study exam and what do you need to do to achieve that? Our first video answers these key questions as well as providing a general introduction to the exam.

Video 2 - The exam

In order to pass the exam you need to understand what it looks like! We review the nature of the exam and run you through what you will be faced with on exam day.

Video 3 - Your role

CIMA provide you with a ‘role to play’ for your exam. What is that role and what does this mean for the way you answer the questions in the exam. The examiner has commented that people playing the role well score more marks, so this is critical to you passing.

Video 4 - How to analyse the pre-seen

The examiner regularly comments that people do not use the preseen information enough in their exam. We provide a step by step approach to analysing the pre-seen to get the most from it which is useful to those people who don’t use the Astranti case study analysis.

Video 5 - Identifying the requirements

The examiner’s most common criticism of student scripts is ‘not answering the question asked’. The  problem is people not properly identifying the requirements – it’s harder than it sounds! This video shows you how to avoid this most common of errors.

Video 6 - The examiner's advice

At the CIMA conference the examiner provided her top tips for passing the exam as well as the key mistakes most commonly made. We examine her comments so you can write a script that does all the right things required to maximise marks earned.