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These videos are part of the entire Strategic Case Study Course. Find out more about the full course and how can you join.

CIMA SCS Video Series - Your Guide to the Strategic Case Study Exam

The CIMA Strategic Case Study Video guide by Nick Best is your step-by-step guide to preparing for the exam. These videos follow the same structure as the Astranti SCS Study Text Part 1. We cover every aspect of the exam from every possible angle, and teach you exactly how you can prepare for it. We go into depth on the pre-seen analysis, how to manage your time, and precisely what the exam will involve.

The total running time for this video series is over 6 hours!

Buying the full video series will also give you access to downloadable audio versions of the same video.

Full video listing:

 1 - The Keys to Passing the Strategic Case Study - 47 mins

 2 - The Exam - 32 mins

 3 - Your Role - 23 mins

 4 - How to analyse the pre-seen - 11 mins

 5 - Identifying the requirements - 22 mins

 6 - Why you must plan your answers - 32 mins

 7 - The 9 stages of exam planning - 47 mins

 8 - Planning Practice - 46 mins

 9 - Writing Approach - 32 mins

10 - Writing Practice - 18 mins

11 - How is the SCS marked? - 13 mins

12 - Time Management - 27 mins

13 - Preparing for the SCS exam - 22 mins

Take a look at a sample of video 1: The Keys To Passing The SCS

After purchasing you will have access to these materials for 12 months. Please log in to your account to access. You will need an Internet connection to watch these videos.

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