About SCS Mock 2

This mock is difficult. There is a lot of unseen content to digest and time management is key. Students will need to understand how external opportunities (e.g. new locations) as well as threats (e.g. financial risk, business risk) can impact a business.

The first section of the mock starts with an analysis of a gym expansion project that will result in financial risk, but is required in order to gain market share. It also looks at the short-term finance options to resolve cash-flow issues.

The next section looks at the importance of considering the needs of all stakeholders when choosing the location of a new gym. Ethical aspects of bribery are also touched upon.

The final section looks at the importance of lessons learnt from past projects to reduce the risk of slippage and cost overruns in a future gym expansion project which has tight deadlines. Also discussed in the key roles of the project manager and project sponsor to ensure the expansion project is delivered successfully.