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CIMA Operational Case Study Mock Exams - May mocks now available!

Do you ever wonder how your revision is really going? How will you know when you’re exam ready?

Sometimes it’s easy to spend hours revising, yet wonder whether it’s all sinking in. Does this sound familiar?

The best way to overcome this concern is to test yourself through our mock exams. Realistic mock exam practice is vital for success in the CIMA case study exams and our online system for the case study exam has been endorsed and praised by CIMA.

Our mock exams are online simulations of the real computerised exams. You will be given a set time limit (as you will be in the real exam) and will have to type your answers into text boxes in response to the requirements that appear on screen during the exam. Read our mock exam details and individual synopses below.

OCS Mock Exam Details

CIMA Operational Case Study Mock Exams

Personalised marking and feedback available

We pride ourselves in providing industry leading levels of feedback on your mock exams.

By purchasing marking and feedback for your operational case study mock exams, you will be assigned your own OCS exam marker.

This marker will mark your mock exams, highlight your strengths and weaknesses and give you detailed feedback as to how you can improve on your exam performance.

OCS Marking and Feedback Details

Free OCS Mini Mock

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study mini mock exam

Purchase the mock exams and marking and feedback below:

The OCS Mock Exams are part of the entire Operational Case Study Exam Course. Find out more details on how you can join.


CIMA OCS Mock Exams

CIMA OCS Marking and Feedback

CIMA OCS May 2018

Mock Exam 1

Read the synopsis



1 Mock Marked


CIMA OCS May 2018

Mock Exam 2

Read the synopsis



2 Mocks Marked


CIMA OCS May 2018

Mock Exam 3

Read the synopsis



3 Mocks Marked


CIMA OCS May 2018

Mock Exams 1, 2 & 3



with Marking and Feedback service.

Mock exams will need to be purchased separately.