Masterclass 2 - The Revision Masterclass


Learn what is the examiner is saying are students' key mistakes

Learn our top 10 most likely issues in your exam based on the current pre-seen

Identify if you are using the pre-seen information as you should be - the examiner says you must!

Review the key elements of passing OCS, and based on a script you have written, identify your key areas for improvement to score more marks on exam day

Learn our pre-prepared paragraphs based on your pre-seen which you can memorise that are guaranteed to score you extra marks in the exam

Hear what our markers are saying about OCS scripts they are marking and what they say you should do to improve

Review our key tips for saving time in the exam to ensure you complete every part on exam day

Learn our top industry examples from our industry pack which you can use to score marks

Share industry examples with others on the day to create a pack of great examples to use in your exam


This Masterclass will cover all of the following sections:

Give the examiners what they want

An in depth walk through of the CIMA OCS Exam Post exam guide to see exactly where students are making mistakes

Review your script against those problems and identify key areas for improvement

Clarify exactly what the examiner is looking for

Pre-learned paragraphs

Our pre-learned paragraphs can be used to get surefire marks in the exam

The examiner has been critical of incorrect usage of theory: this section will include advice on how to use theory appropriately

Time management

Time management - in the Post Exam Guides the examiner reports many incomplete scripts - this section will give you our top tips on saving time so you can complete your script – vital to passing.

What the markers say

Key comments from our OCS exam markers and the major issues found in students’ scripts

Are you playing your role?

Review your role in the exam as a “Finance Officer” against the CIMA guidelines to see if you are following these in your script

Show the depth of answer the examiner wants to see

A key issue from the examiner was a lack of detail in the scripts they read

We will show you how to integrate detail and depth into your answers

Using industry examples to get marks

The examiner has said industry examples should be used to gain marks

We review our top examples from the Astranti Industry Guide which are most likely to gain you marks on exam day

Industry knowledge share – we share industry examples between masterclass participants and discuss which are best to use in the exam.

How good is your script?

A review through all the keys to great scripts

A review of your scripts to see what you need to do to gain more marks.


The top 10 likely exam issues based on current pre-seen

Run-down of the likely exam issues based on current pre-seen - Are you prepared for them?

Review of key points in the pre-seen with an application exercise to see how well you can apply your knowledge to key issues