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CIMA F2 Tuition Videos

Over the last few months many of our students have been asking for us to produce Objective Test revision videos to help them with their studies - we have listened to your request and we are pleased to say our F2 Tuition Videos are now available!

Our series of F2 videos are a great way to kick start your revision or take it to the next level.

The series of 21 videos follow the chapters of our Study Text. They cover a full range of challenging F2 topics such as Group Accounts (including Statement of Financial Position), Long Term Finance, Financial Instruments, and Earnings Per Share to name just a few! (see full video listing below).

The videos are great to use by themselves or alongside our Study Text. The two formats compliment each other and together contain everything you need to know for the F2 exam.

In total there is approximately 13 hours of running time.

Buying the full video series will also give you access to downloadable audio versions of the same video.

Full video listing:

  • Group Accounts: Associates - 24 minutes
  • Group Accounts: Statement of Financial Position - 60 minutes
  • Group Accounts: Income Statements - 45 minutes
  • Group Accounts: Joint Arrangements - 16 minutes
  • Complex Groups - 40 minutes
  • Group Changes - 41 minutes
  • Group Accounting: Foreign Currency - 30 minutes
  • Croup Cash Flow - 34 minutes
  • Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity - 30 minutes
  • Revenue - 24 minutes
  • Related Parties - 19 minutes
  • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets - 32 minutes
  • Accounting for Leases - 33 minutes
  • Deferred Taxation - 32 minutes
  • Long Term Finance - 65 minutes
  • Cost of Capital - 41 minutes
  • Financial Instruments - 52 minutes
  • Share Based Payments - 24 minutes
  • Earnings Per Share - 52 minutes
  • Ratio Analysis - 49 minutes
  • Segment Analysis - 25 minutes

Sample Video:

Regulation of Accounting and Financial Reporting

After purchasing you will have access to these materials for 12 months. Please log in to your account to access. You will need an Internet connection to watch these videos.

F2 Tuition Videos


“I found the combination of the masterclasses, videos and study texts just great and it really helped me engage with the  materials.” Dasha, November 2015 Case Study Exam Read more student testimonials Testimonials