Masterclass 1 - The Keys to Passing the MCS



Understand what it takes to pass this exam, and what YOU will have to do to ensure you pass

Find out what the examiner says you must do to pass to MCS AND what you must avoid

Learn the skills of effective planning with our live demonstration of answer planning

Gain an overview of the key points from the current pre-seen

Learn how to use the pre-seen to score marks in the exam

Be prepared for the 10 models most likely to be examined based on the current pre-seen

Learn the writing style that maximises your marks in the exam

Master your time management – the area many students tell us is the biggest barrier from them passing MCS


This Masterclass will cover all of the following sections:

The keys to passing MCS

The 7 keys to passing MCS

What the examiner says you must do to pass, and what you must AVOID


Question planning

A live demonstration of how to plan your questions to focus your answer and score well

Tailoring your answer to the marking guide

MCS requirements can be unclear. How do you identify and deal with the right issues?


Time management

A key issue for many; how should you manage your time effectively?


Writing answers

Learn the keys to writing answers that score marks in the exam.

What does an excellent script look like?

The pre-seen and key theory

A review of the main points from the pre-seen

Learn the 10 models from E2, P2 and F2 that are most likely to come up given the current pre-seen

Revision of those top 10 models

Application of the 10 models to the current pre-seen


How to prepare for the exam

How to prepare – it's not just about knowing theory!

Planning your study time

The importance of hard work!