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CIMA Management Case Study - Masterclasses

Online masterclasses - All day tuition and revision sessions

Our masterclasses are live, all day (9am-3.30pm), Exam focused events. They are hosted online and are recorded for students that cannot attend live.

Masterclass 1 - The Keys to Passing the MCS - Sunday 15th April

Understand what it takes to pass this exam, and what YOU will have to do to ensure you pass.

Find out what the examiner says you must do to pass MCS AND what you must avoid.

Learn the skills of effective planning with our live demonstration of answer planning.

Gain an overview of the key points from the current pre-seen.

Learn how to use the pre-seen to score marks in the exam.

Be prepared for the 10 models most likely to be examined based on the current pre-seen.

Learn the writing style that maximises your marks in the exam.

Master your time management – the area many students tell us is the biggest barrier from them passing MCS.

A detailed guide to the day

Masterclass 2 - The Revision Masterclass - Saturday 12th May

Learn what the examiner is saying are students' key mistakes and identify which ones you are still making!

Learn our top 10 most likely issues in your exam based on the current pre-seen.

Identify if you are using the pre-seen information as you should be - the examiner says you must!

Review the key elements of passing MCS, and based on a script you have written, identify your key areas for   improvement to score more marks on exam day.

Learn our pre-prepared paragraphs based on your pre-seen which you can memorise that are guaranteed to score   you extra marks in the exam.

Hear what our markers are saying about MCS scripts they are marking and what they say you should do to improve.

Review our key tips for saving time in the exam to ensure you complete every part on exam day.

Learn our top industry examples from our industry pack which you can use to score marks.

Share industry examples with others on the day to create a pack of great examples to use in your exam.

A detailed guide to the day

How to join a Masterclass

Sign up below to get access to the live masterclass on the above dates and get unlimited access to the recording after the class has happened.

You will receive an email with details on attending the masterclass the day before the event.

You can attend from anywhere in the world with a reliable Internet connection!

These masterclasses are part of the entire Management Case Study Course. Find out more about the full course and how you can join.

CIMA Management Case Study Course - May 2018

CIMA Management Case Study Course

Our online course has all of the materials and guidance you need to pass the exam including:

Find out more and join the course here

“All the Astranti  notes, videos and masterclasses were very in depth. I would have no hesitation in recommending Astranti   to anybody who is looking for a quality tuition provider.” Lindsey Hampson, February 2017 Read more student testimonials Testimonials

MCS Masterclass 1

MCS Masterclass 2

CIMA MCS Masterclass

CIMA MCS Masterclass

Date: Saturday 14th April  


Date: Saturday 12th May

After purchasing, these materials will be available until the end of the case study exam week.
See terms and conditions for full details. Please log in to your account to access.