The syllabus for CIMA Certificate level has changed for 2017 onwards. For this reason, our study materials, courses and syllabus study texts are all changing too.

To give our students the best chances of passing each Certificate exam first time around, we have been putting lots of time and effort into each of the new study texts for BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4, as well as a wide range of new and improved support materials that we think you will really enjoy!

You can read more about some of these materials, including brand new Study Texts, Exam Practice Kits, Mock exams and Tuition Videos, from our new Certificate home page.

Not long to wait…

High Quality Study Texts are the priority for most students and for this reason they will be the first resource made available for Certificate students in early 2017.

In terms of our brand new Exam Practice Kits, Mock Exams and Videos, Certificate students should expect to be able to access these from early Spring 2017.

What can you do until then?

You can keep up to date with all of our Certificate 2017 Syllabus releases by signing up for your Certificate Level Membership.

Our membership is completely free and will ensure that you hear from us as soon as our latest 2017 syllabus materials are released and ready for you to use.

CIMA Certificate 2017 Syllabus Materials Coming Soon!