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ACCA Materials - Available in 2018

ACCA Tuition Videos

Tuition Videos

Our series of Tuition Videos will be a great way to kick start your learning for an upcoming ACCA exam. They will take you through the full syllabus giving clear and concise explanations of key models and theory. This will be supported by carefully worked through step-by-step examples to really embed the learning. Tuition Videos are ideal for students who want to cover the entire syllabus in a visual learning format. The videos will follow the chapters of the Study Text, so when used together they will be a very powerful revision tool.  

ACCA Guide To Passing

Guide to Passing your Exam

To be successful in your ACCA exams, you need to do more than just learn the syllabus. Whilst knowing the theory and models is absolutely essential, it is also vital for students not to underestimate the importance of exam technique. Based on many years experience of preparing students for their accountancy exams, we will be producing a guide to what it really takes to pass. This includes areas such as advice on time management, writing approach and answer planning. The pack will contain both a video and written guide.

ACCA Revision Videos

Revision Videos

Our series of Revision Videos will be the perfect way to take your revision to the next level, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your exam. They will be particularly effective in the weeks immediately prior to the exam as they will reinforce the knowledge that you have already gained up to that point and fill in any gaps. They will cover all the key topics that are likely to be assessed in an easy to remember visual format. The Revision Videos are great to use alongside our Revision Summaries to help  you achieve success in your exams.

ACCA Mock Exams

Revision Mock Exams

Question practise is an essential part of a successful revision plan. It helps to assess your progress and identify gaps in your knowledge. Our expert writers will be producing a series of exam style questions that will cover a wide cross-section of the ACCA syllabus. The questions will closely replicate the format of the real exams to help you get used to working in exam conditions. Full and comprehensive solutions will also be provided, so that you can see a high quality answer as well as the best way to structure your own answer.

ACCA question debrief

Question Debrief

To help you get exam ready our expert tutors will be identifying past exam questions for each chapter of our Study Text. This will allow you to see what a typical exam questions can look like. We will provide videos on how to answer each question in detail including the theory and models you will need to know in order to provide a high quality answer. So you won't need to waste your time sifting through past exam questions and can be confident that you can produce a good answer.

ACCA exam walk through

Whole Exam Walk Through

Our Whole Exam Walk Through will cover all questions from a previous past paper. We will take you through each section of the exam giving model answers for every question. As well as helping you to revise key models and theories suggested by our expert tutors, this will also help students to identify what best practise looks like both in terms of content and exam technique.