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ACCA P3 Exam Capabilities  

The outcomes of the P3 exam for students will be:

1. Assessing the strategic position of an organisation

2. Evaluating the strategic choices available to an organisation

3. Discussing how an organisation might go about its strategic implementation

4. Evaluating and redesigning business processes and structures to implement and support the     organisation’s strategy taking account of customer and other major stakeholder requirements

5. Integrating appropriate information technology solutions to support the organisation’s strategy

6. Advising on the principles of project management to enable the implementation of aspects of the     organisation’s strategy with the twin objectives of managing risk and ensuring benefits realisation

7. Analysing and evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s strategy and the financial consequences of     implementing strategic decisions

8. Assessing the role of leadership and people management in formulating and implementing business    strategy.


ACCA P3 Exam Format and Structure

  • A 3 hour 15 minute exam (Paper based exams from September 2016 onwards)
  • A pass mark of 50%
  • Section A contains one multi-part question based on a case study scenario. This question is worth 50 marks.
  • Section B will consist of three discrete questions each worth 25 marks. Candidates must answer two questions from this section.

ACCA P3 Full Syllabus and Study Guide

Access the most up to date ACCA P3 Business Analysis Syllabus and Study Guide by going to - P3 Syllabus

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ACCA P3 Business Analysis

The P3 Business Analysis exam is one of the three papers that need to be completed within the 'Essentials' module. The 'Essentials' module is the first module at the Professional level.

In order to proceed to the next module, 'Options', all exams must be successfully completed. However please note that exams do not need to taken in any specific order (e.g. P2 can be completed first followed by P1 and P3).

See the diagram on our Syllabus Overview page for more details on how the P3 exam fits into the overall syllabus structure.

The aim of the P3 exam is to apply relevant knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement in assessing strategic position, determining strategic choice, and implementing strategic action by coordinating knowledge systems and information technology and by effectively managing processes, projects, and people.

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